Value based self hosted project management application


Experience a soujourn transcending elegant features comprehensively designed for a team of any size.


Say hello to a novel, state-of-the-art app for project management.


Punctuality is one of the cardinal business virtues. Keeping this maxim in mind, Tasks have been designed to adhere to deadlines.


Have you imagined life without a calender? 92five present some exciting and awesome modifications in calenders.


Have a look at the new and intutive way of filling out timesheets. We are convinced that you will love the layout. Make your self free from hassles of mailing them.


Each user's personal ToDos and Reminders.They are yours forever, where and when you need them.


Reports are an integral part of actively managing any project. 92five provides you prompt generation of reports for review and supervision. User's monthly and weekly reports can be downloaded as PDF file.

Client Area

Your client is the most important person in your business. In Client Area, client can view the progress of the project and can add / update check list and notes with the project manager to maintain the cordination between you and client.

User Profile

92five offeres thumbnail sketch of user profile.


Want to talk to someone ? We understand. Chat between all the registered users.

Group Messages

Be articulate with co-workers. Share important messages through this versatile feature.


Sometimes its good to be notified. Whether you are added as collaborator for a project or a comment posted on your assigned / followed tasks. You will be notified in the app. Enable email notifications, if you desire. It surely ensures prompt response.


Backup and Restore of Data can be done through admin panel. Perform backup of all your data and restore it on any new / existing installation. All data will be restored.


Click on updates in Admin Panel and app will update itself. If error occurred during update process, app will be restored back automatically.

User Management

The experience of managing users will be graceful and simple.


Comments offer extra information and insight. Revel as you tag your co-workers / collegues.

File attachment

Profoundly functional specifications as files can be attached in projects and tasks.

Gantt Charts

An optional feature. It provides a graphical illustration of a schedule that helps to plan, coordinate, and track specific tasks in a project.

Amazon S3 Storage

Upload your files directly to your Amazon S3 bucket. Select your storage location as S3 and all your files will move to the cloud stroage.


An Invoice module in your 92five app. Suits your basic needs for invoice with your logo, payments terms etc. Check it out.

Native Mobile Apps

Coming soon on iOS App Store

Book Keeping for Bank Accounts

A book keeping module for all your back accounts. You can add credit / debit entries for your bank account and can generate PDF monthly statements.


Leads module for the marketing team. Manage your leads details, proposals, estimates and trials. Covert them into client with a single click.


Manage Payroll for all the registered users. View Past payrolls, change paid date for payroll, export payroll and many other features in the Payroll Module

HR Module

Manage user's leaves, expense, training, complains etc. Add company's social events. Calendar view of all users approved leaves.

92five app is built with strong and robust frameworks and libraries like

System Requirements

  • PHP 5.5 or greater
  • PDO PHP extension
  • MCrypt PHP extension
  • GD PHP library
  • MySql Database
  • ZIP PHP extension
  • cURL Library


All our eggs in one basket. 92five is one plan app !

Basic, Advanced, Pro, Enterprise (call it what you like.) You can even call it 'Most Popular'!

No Monthly Fees. No renewal of account. Just one time price for single domain
  • Unlimited users, projects, tasks, files etc.
  • Free Updates forever
  • Email Support for first 6 months from the date of purchase. Prompt reply Guaranteed
  • You host it on your own server. No space limitations


Why is it self hosted? Why not as a service ?

Self hosted because your data stays with you. Nowadays, you never know who has an eye on your data. Self hosted because your data's privacy is guarded.

Your Price is too high for a project management application

If you look at the big picture the price is low as compared to other companies. For example currently in the market with all the features same as 92five app, priced at around $8 /user/month. So if you have a team of 5 people using the application, you end up paying $40 / month or $480 / year. Where as in 92five app, you only pay once and you get free updates forever, along with unlimited users, projects, tasks etc.

Version 1 was free and open source. Why cant this version be free and open source ?

Version 1 was the side project developed and designed by Chintan Banugaria alone. Owing to the excpetional and overwhelming response, we are a team now and working full time on 92five app to improvise for efficient project management.

I need to have a custom development.Can you do that?

Sure. Lets Talk.

About Us

We are a team of blue sky thinkers and seasoned developers who strongly believe

With varied experience, Laravel (PHP Framework) development is our core strength. Our clear vision for design and development enables us to draft a clear picture of an idea turning into reality. We strongly believe in transparency, an ingrained value in all our products.

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